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Coffee – the world’s favourite energiser – from the streets of turkey to the cafés of New York, it’s unilaterally enjoyed everywhere. When brewing coffee, thereby extracting the caffeinated aroma from coffee beans, we end up with a waste product of coffee grounds. And with an estimated 2,25 billion cups of coffee made every day, that leaves us with about 500,000 tonnes of wet, waste coffee grounds. Typically just dumped into general waste bins, this byproduct emits methane, a greenhouse gas 34 times more potent than carbon dioxide.  


How can we prevent this waste problem from contributing to climate change? Simply denying the billions of morning warriors, late-night labourers and hipster Starbucks writers their coffee would get us into a hot mess. In comes Bio-Bean.  


In this Episode I interview Matt Keniston, Commercial Head of Bio-Bean and #Champion of recycling coffee grounds. Bio-Bean offers a range of products, made from these otherwise destined for landfill coffee grounds. They are the world’s biggest coffee recycler, processing thousands of tons of waste into sustainable bio products. To find out what Bio-Bean produces, make sure you listen to this episode!  


I hope you enjoy. 

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