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If you’ve ever moved from one apartment to another, you may be familiar with the chaos that comes with packing a life’s worth of possessions into cardboard boxes.

With the millions of families typically moving each year, hundreds of millions of trees must be used to produce the cardboard boxes that are oftentimes thrown away afterwards. This problem also exists - and usually on a significantly larger scale - with corporations that move from one office to another.

Today’s guest is fixing this problem and has saved over 35 millions trees in the process! In this episode of Sustainability Matters Today, I speak with Nadine Cino, Co-Founder and CEO of TygaBox and Champion of Moving Sustainably. TygaBox invented a plastic moving box and dolly system which can stack five boxes at the same height that other systems can only stack four, thereby reducing labour costs by 25%!

In addition to an innovative dolly that doesn’t need you to lift a box, TygaBoxes are built to last; in fact, many of the boxes they made during their initial production in the 90s are still in use today! Since these plastic boxes completely replace cardboard, they result in a 30% reduction of moving costs and 100% elimination of waste-to-landfill.

It’s always important to think of the three R’s of Sustainability: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. If we can reduce the amount of cardboard we use by replacing it with materials that are cost-efficient and reduce labor costs, we are already healing the planet!

Listen to our conversation to find out how Nadine went from working in the fashion industry to inventing an efficient moving system and her plans to continue innovating with trackable shipments, and much more!

I hope you enjoy the episode!

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