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“We know what causes climate change, and we know how to stop it, what we don’t know is how to pay for the transformation to going carbon neutral.” The words of today’s guest ring true with what we’ve discovered in many episodes of the Sustainability Matters Today podcast: to prevent climate change we need to both reduce humanity’s carbon emissions and offset the emissions we can’t reduce.

There are hundreds of carbon offsetting programs all over the world, ranging from planting trees to capturing carbon dioxide from the air. And if we’re serious about sustainability, we need to be funding these projects even more. We need ways to incorporate carbon offsetting into our everyday lives. UCapture makes this easy.


Listen to Avery Michaelson, Founder & CEO of UCapture and Champion of Funding Carbon Offsets, in the latest episode of Sustainability Matters Today Podcast.


Start reducing your own carbon footprint, for free, when you shop online by joining UCapture:

UCapture is a browser add-on that gets 25,000+ partner stores to offset your carbon footprint, at no extra cost, when you shop online.


When you shop with UCapture’s partners, they receive a small affiliate fee, most of which is donated to a carbon offset project that removes CO2 from the atmosphere. UCapture also includes an automatic discount code feature, which applies the best discount code for you. That way when you buy products or services online, you can effortlessly support carbon offset programs while saving money! The Chrome extension is intuitive and simply pops up whenever you land on one of their partnered sites.


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