Green Taxis: For A Greener Future | Green Tomato Cars

Reversing climate change and achieving sustainability means analysing every step of our day-to-day lives and finding out how we can reduce our carbon footprint. One of the hidden and elusive contributors to carbon emissions are taxi companies. The transport industry has always been in the spotlight of climate discussions, but the taxi sector is easily overlooked.

In this episode of Sustainability Matters Today, I speak with Jonny Goldstone, Founder and Managing Director of “Green Tomato Cars” and Champion of Green Mobility. Green Tomato Cars is a climate friendly, green and ethical taxi service, operating over 600 of its own electric, hybrid and hydrogen-fuelled vehicles in London. Apart from taking their own steps towards making carbon-neutral transport the norm, this Uber-like car service double offsets their emissions, making the company carbon-negative! It shows their dedication to making a real difference.


To learn more on the commitment Green Tomato Cars has made to fixing climate issues, while leading a financially sustainable business, listen to this episode!


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