Sustainable Cleaning: How You Can Avoid Nasty Chemicals | Delphis Eco

Becoming more sustainable involves taking a look at all aspects of our lives and businesses and finding ways to maintain our effectiveness while prioritizing the environment – like reducing waste, emissions and harmful chemicals.


Today’s guest and his company truly embody that sustainable spirit – in this episode, I interview Mark Jankovich, Founder and CEO of Delphis Eco and Champion of Innovative and Environmentally-Friendly Cleaning Products.


Delphis Eco is a leading ecological cleaning product manufacturer in the UK that proudly uses 100% post-consumer recycled plastics for all its packaging. Realizing that the Green Economy is the future, Mark founded the company to manufacture ecological cleaning products for the commercial sector.


Delphis Eco holds two Royal Warrants of Appointment (meaning they’ve provided their products to the British Royal Households for at last five years) and was recently awarded the Blue Patch Sustainable Innovation Business Award for their measurable social and environmental impacts.


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