#29 | Gilad Regev - Kora App: Champion of Rewarding Sustainable Lifestyles

Globally we emit over 36 billion tonnes of CO2 per year – a number so high, we can barely imagine its effect on our climate. While climate change awareness is reaching more and more people around the world, and we’re learning step by step how to avoid unsustainable lifestyles, it can be very difficult to imagine our own carbon emissions on a personal level. Do you know how much carbon you emit on a daily basis? Or the average person‘s emissions?

Today I interview Gilad Regev, CO-Founder and CEO of Kora App, and a Champion of rewarding sustainable lifestyles. Kora is an ambitious start-up, aimed at creating an app that tracks your impact on the planet and rewards personal carbon reductions with Kora points. These Koras can then be spent in the built-in marketplace on offers from Kora partners and to support CO2 reduction projects.


Unlike the current flawed carbon credit system (also known as carbon offsetting), Kora wants to reward individuals for reducing carbon emissions, instead of punishing companies for emitting carbon. With a strong vision of partnering with cities and corporations, public transportation and even energy companies, Kora is truly innovating the way we see carbon emissions. Similar to airline miles, Kora’s Earth Loyalty Program’s point system is a unique way of first visualizing our levels of personal carbon emissions, and then reducing them.


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