#28 | Habib Khan  - Meristem Design: Champion of Urban Greening for Cleaner City Air

In this episode of Sustainability Matters Today, I interview Habib Khan, Director and Founding Partner at Meristem Design and a Champion of Urban Greening for Cleaner City Air.
Meristem Design specializes in creating green solutions for grey urban spaces and is heavily involved with ‘greening’ London. 

Providing green screens and plants to the most polluted schools across London, building parklets in neighborhoods, planting living walls in the city, and maintaining green infrastructure in landmark office buildings like The Shard, Meristem uses plants to purify the air and provide many health benefits to people. 
Their parklets have won the Global Good Award for making sustainability and social impact. They have also picked up awards from the International Healthy Streets Summit in Glasgow in 2018.
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If you’d like to learn more about Habib Khan and Meristem Design, please visit meristemdesign.co.uk, and like their Facebook page, @meristemdesignltd. You can also follow them on Twitter @MeristemDesign for more updates!
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