#27 | Safia Qureshi- CupClub: Champion of Replacing the Disposable with the Reusable

In this episode of Sustainability Matters Today, I interview Safia Qureshi, award-winning Architect, designer and environmentalist, founder of CupClub, and a Champion of Replacing the Disposable with the Reusable.
CupClub partners with businesses, catering companies, facilities management providers, retailers and brands to replace disposable cups with a significantly more sustainable alternative. The company is pioneering the circular economy by creating a returnable cup that people can “borrow” from a coffee shop and return it to a convenient location once they’re done. With its products manufactured in the UK, CupClub creates half the carbon dioxide equivalent of disposables and ceramics, while significantly reducing waste.
CupClub has earned a variety of awards including top prize winner from the 2017 Ellen MacArthur Foundation and IDEO and appeared in a number of media and publications, including BBC, Sky, Design Week, Core77, Dezeen, Design Indaba and The Drum.
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If you’d like to learn more about Safia Qureshio and CupClub, please visit cupclub.com, and like their Facebook page, @CupClub. You can also follow them on Twitter @cup_club
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