Why Organic Cotton Is Not Sustainable And Eucalyptus Is | Sheets and Giggles

Happy Earth Day, Champions!

“If you like puns, sleeping and sustainability, potentially even in that order – Sheets and Giggles is the brand for you!” A perfect way to introduce this guest and his company! Today, I speak with Colin McIntosh, Founder and CEO of Sheets and Giggles (and, yes that’s a pun), and #Champion of Sleeping Sustainably.

Sheets and Giggles makes sustainable, 400-thread count sateen bed sheets out of Eucalyptus trees, which don’t use insecticides or pesticides. Compared with cotton, the production of their eucalyptus lyocell requires 96% less water and 30 % less energy! And if those numbers aren’t compelling enough, their sales pitch is simple: “Our Eucalyptus Lyocell sheets are softer, more breathable, and more sustainable than both cotton and bamboo.” And they’re bed serious. 


Listen to this episode to find out about their simple solutions to a wasteful textile industry; how the 3-year-old company pledges some of its profits to a wide variety of charities (including 20% of every sale to COVID–19 Emergency Relief Funds); and how Colin came up with the pun title!

I hope you enjoy the episode!

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