#25 | Steve Horton - Baker’s Field Flour and Bread: Champion of Local and Sustainable Wheat and Grains

In this episode of Sustainability Matters Today, I interview Steve Horton, founder of Baker’s Field Flour and Bread and #Champion of Local and Sustainable Wheat and Grains.


Working with flour everyday to create a variety of artisan quality breads, Steve has a refined appreciation for the fundamental role fresh flour plays in great bread. This led him to start Baker’s Field Flour and Bread where he and his team use freshly milled local flour to bake their naturally-leavened breads. A three-time James Beard Awardee, Steve connects farmers, millers, and bakers to create exceptional flour and bread made from unique grains that are cultivated using sustainable and organic methods.


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If you’d like to learn more about Steve Horton and Baker’s Field Flour and Bread, please visit bakersfieldflour.com, and like their Facebook page, @bakersfieldflourandbread.


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