#31 | Toby McCartney: MacRebur - Champion of recycling plastic to improve roads

In this episode, I interview Toby McCartney, Co-Founder and CEO of MacRebur: The Plastic Road Company, and a Champion of recycling plastic to improve roads. MacRebur takes plastic waste, destined for either landfill or incineration, and turns it into a strong and environmentally-friendly asphalt glue. This additive binder greatly increases road durability, while at the same time recycling plastic waste. A real win-win.

One kilometre of road built with MacRebur’s products, uses the equivalent weight of 684,000 bottles or 1.8 million single-use plastic bags! And amazingly, with their design, there is no chance of microplastics entering the water or air. Using plastic to build roads is literally paving the way for a better future.

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